2016 May 31     
2 Bit Thugs

As the title suggests, Matt Holliday and Christian Drost take 'Timeless' down a much deeper path

Afterworld Recordings' sub-label Afterworld Recordings Classics specialises in re-releasing tunes that have already made an impact but with a new twist, as they're remixed by other producers who take them in a completely different direction. In this instance, label bosses Zirenz are given the deep and progressive trance treatment, and the two featured remixers are Christian Drost and Matt Holliday.

The Christian Drost mix has a dropped tempo and a percussive intro that leads to a chord progression that sounds almost Oriental in origin. There are moody synths, vocal pads and subtle choral pads, and the original vocal lines are used to good effect in the breakdown. It really manages to transport you away into a calmer and more tranquil place, which has a calming effect for me anyway.

Matt Holliday’s interpretation ups the tempo and is more of a building track with a dirty electro bassline, muted percussion, risers and futuristic sounds all developing as the track progresses. There are the same vocal parts used in the breakdown but with more used, and with added piano and soaring sounds as the vocal harmonies again transport you to a calmer place in your mind's eye.

Matt’s mix is less minimal that Christian’s, yet I prefer the latter for its simplicity as it works in the less-is-more kind of way that you often get with great dance music - and great dance music this is. And with Afterworld Recordings having an ample back catalogue of Zirenz tracks to rework (it's their label, after all), I can safely say that I am looking forward to hearing more in the series as these two are distinctly sublime.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 June 



Review Score: 8




Tags: trance, deep trance, Zirenz, Afterworld Recordings, Matt Holliday, Christian Drost