2017 Mar 28     
2 Bit Thugs

UK duo Zirenz team up with Japan's Ken Plus Ichiro and a brace of Japanese remixers

Afterworld label bosses Zirenz join forces with Japanese DJ/ producer Ken Plus Ichiro to bring you Concerto, an operatic vocal trancer with mixes courtesy of two other Japanese producers, Bernie and Toshi Furuya.

First up is the Original Mix, which starts with a galloping bassline then builds with kickdrum, synths, operatic vocals and 303s to a breakdown with the full operatic vocal hook... and onwards. Next up is the Bernie Mix, a tougher pass with a twanging electro bassline over a pounding percussive backbeat and the chords of the track played on a synth, until it breaks for the vocal which is backed with lush strings and a developing snare roll. That then leads us into a second movement with harmonising vocals in the background. And then finally you have the Toshi Furuya Mix, which is an even tougher interpretation with a pounding intro, a sidechained bassline and acidic stabs which get more intense as it builds to the breakdown, which features the vocals with just a violin and a breakbeat. To me this mix sounds the best, as it feels the more underground of the three.

The blend of trance and opera works well together, and Toshi Furuya’s mix does it with ease and panache. It's a combo that's been tried before and the results have been a mixed bag, but on Concerto it all seems to have gelled together rather nicely.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Zirenz, Ken Plus Ichiro, Afterworld Recordings, Toshi Fuyura, Bernie, trance, vocal trance, melodic trance