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Zeta Reticula returns

Umek revives his electro EP series after 13 years

2016 Oct 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The brand new 'EP 5' is out today on Billy Nasty's Electrix label

Did you see that story a couple of years back, where someone set up a Twitter account in the name of Rocky Horror Show character Frank N Furter? Right at the start of Twitter, they tweeted "I see you shiver with antici..." and then, five years to the day later, "... pation". Made the news and everything.

When it comes to keeping you in suspense, though, Frank N Furter is a rank amateur compared to Slovenian techno don Umek. Today, he released EP 5 by Zeta Reticula, the electro alias under which he released EPs 1-4 back at the start of the century, with the last dropping 13 years ago. 13 years. Suck on that, Frank N Furter!

Actually, it's not quite as clear cut as all that, because there've been a number of Zeta Reticula releases on 1605 Music Therapy in the past couple of years, too. But EP 5 sees Umek returning to Electrix, the label where it all began. So why now?

We asked Umek exactly that, and here's what he told us...

"Three years ago, I bought a couple of analogue synths and started fiddling with the knobs. I was deciding for a long time if I should produce something with hardware or continue using soft synths. I used to work with analogue synths a lot at the start of my career, but sold the whole lot as I've opted for a totally digital platform.

"At some point I started to produce electro, just for personal enjoyment, and later realised I'd created a whole album of this sound. I played some tracks in my sets and the response was good, then I did a couple more productions in this manner and Zeta Reticula was reborn without any serious plan. I've released a couple of tracks on my 1605 label, Dave Clarke picked up the rework of his classic Red 2 for his label, and this new release on Electrix is the fifth EP in that series.

"I have no plan with this side project, no expectations, he concludes. "I just like to try new things, or try to recreate something I did in the past with different tools. I enjoy doing this simply as I like electro, which is a relatively small genre, but some artists and audiences feel really passionate about it."

EP 5 is out today (3 October) on Electrix. There four tracks: Electric Blood Complete, Euphonius and Radiate, like previous Zeta Reticula material, take hefty 80s electro influences and add a little rave-y techno darkness, while Encroach is a proper dark-room pounder for techno floors. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Umek pic: Luca Kase





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