2018 Jul 29     
2 Bit Thugs

ALX's label welcome the Berlin-based Russian producer

Yulia Nico’s DJ and production career began in Sochi, Russia but really took off after a move to Brooklyn in New York. She releases this two-tracker on ALX's Descend Records, complete with a remix from from Spanish producers Elio Riso & NiLO.R.

The original mix of the title track is up first and starts with a resounding kick, a booming sound and panned synth noise. Soon a closed hi-hat is added and the track begins to coalesce into a fine techno tune with a minimal approach which features snare rolls, white noise and an intense ticking sound that plays out a rhythm. The track features precise, clockwork-like mechanical sounds, while a wavy synth sound adds warmth. Then we have Elio Riso & NiLO.R’s remix, which begins with a swung drum pattern and synth stabs, then adds robotic bleeps and odd vocal samples to the mix. This mix is fuller-sounding, with the snare rolls of the original cut into shorter segments and added regularly throughout, and with two breakdowns it makes for a very floor-friendly tune. Finally there's Samasa, which kicks off with a repeating deep bass tone, the adds percussion and panned rhythmic sounds for a more laidback track with vocal chops and warm synths.

All three tracks have their own individual sound and all would work well at different times throughout an evening. I have no favourite here - all three should be well received by DJs and crowds alike.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 July




Review Score: 8




Tags: Yulia Niko, Descend Records, ALX, Elio Niso & NiLO.R, techno