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Yousef announces '9 Moor Drive'

New album will be out on 16 August

2019 Apr 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Coming on his own Circus label, the album is rooted in his childhood

Yousef has announced that his fourth studio album, 9 Moor Drive, will be out on his own Circus label on 16 August.

No mere hastily cobbled together collection of club bangers, the album instead explores the Liverpool DJ's troubled childhood. It takes its title from the house Yousef lived in from the ages of four to 14, and he has described making it as "a long and cathartic healing process" – though while the album is very personal and deals with some difficult times, it's not all doom and gloom… 

"9 Moor Drive is autobiographical, but it isn't a bleeding heart story about hard times or anguish," Yousef says. "It's about dealing with life's difficulties, exploring creativity and reminiscing about my life's definining moments.

Just one track from the album – opener Riches To Rags, which deals with the Zaher family's dwindling economic circumstances during Yousef's early childhood – has been made public so far. You can check it out below.

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