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XILS-Lab revives classic RSF PolyKobol II synth

Introducing new virtual recreation PolyKB III

2017 Jan 07     
2 Bit Thugs

The soft synth is available now at an introductory price of €119

Introduced in 1978, the Kobol synth from French company RSF was a monophonic, analogue hardware synthesizer that came in both keyboard and rackmount versions, and that was used on recordings by the likes of Vangelis, Depeche Mode and Jean-Michel Jarre. Only around 200 Kobols were ever sold, but its polyphonic 1983 successor the PolyKobol II is even rarer - the company filed for bankruptcy before the first production run was complete and only 30 were ever built.

Now another French company, XILS-Lab, has introduced a new virtual emulation of the PolyKobol II, called PolyKB III. The name reflects the fact that this is actually the third such emulator to emerge from the XILS-Lab, er, lab, with PolyKB having launched in 2010 and PolyKB II in 2011.

So what's new? XILS-Lab's press release makes much of the new synth's three aliasing-free, continuously morphing VCOs and huge wealth of modulation and filtering options, as well as the new Voice XY and Space XY pads and the SEQ eight-part poly-sequencer. We're in pretty hardcore synth geek territory here though, so rather than us trying to explain it all, you might be better off checking out the full spec here.

For the less technically minded, we should probably also point out that the somewhat confusing image above is actually a 3D rendering of what the soft synth would look like if it came in hardware form... which, in real life, it doesn't. Rather, PolyKB III is available now as a 32/64-bit AAX/AU/RTAS/VST plug-in for Mac (OS X 10.7 and above) and Windows (Win XP or better), at the special introductory price of €119, rising to €159 from 21 January. Users of PolyKB I or II can upgrade for just €25 (€39 after 21 Jan).





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