2018 Jun 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Looking for that bumpin', tracky shit? Step right on in...

Latvian producer Will Sonic comes with a two-track/five-mix EP for Sinnmusik* here that'll have those fiending for some 'back to 95' vibes in raptures.

In its Original form, Garage Groove #1 is based around a filtered organ/bass riff from the Tuff Jam/Nice N' Ripe school of thought, topped with a female vocal sample whose source I can't tell you. Next comes the &on&on House Edit, which uses just snatches of the same riff and pairs them with a very familiar Jocelyn Brown/Bizarre Inc vocal, steppy drums, a speed garage-like bassline and some M1 stabs to die for, and then there's the Toefflinger Remix, which has a similar sound palette to &on&on's rub but rides straight-up 4/4s and throws in a famous First Choice vocal bite for good measure.

Somewhat confusingly, Garage Groove #2 then applies the same First Choice vocal to another deep, bumpin', Tuff Jam-ish cut. Finally, it crops up again on Trepid's Dub Mix, which I promise you is absolutely the best garage/dub fusion you'll hear all month, if not all year.

If pushed, I'd go for &on&on's rub of #1 and the Trepid Dub of #2 as favourites, but this is class in a glass all round.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 9




Tags: Will Sonic, Sinnmusik*, &on&on, Toefflinger, Trepid, garage, UK garage