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Weekend Primer #83

Seven assorted notes and bulletins from the wide world of DJ culture

2017 Aug 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Legends! Awards! Plays! £700,000 speakers! Great music! This week we salute Frankie Knuckles and Ali Dubfire, get cultured and get excited about the forthcoming Bicep album.

1) Happy Frankie Knuckles Day! August 25 officially marks the anniversary of Frankie’s street dedication in Chicago. 13 years ago the section of Jefferson Street where the legendary Warehouse club once stood was renamed Frankie Knuckles Way… And not without a little help from then-Illinois state senator Barack Obama. Chicago’s 5 Magazine have unearthed this fantastic video of the street dedication itself. History in the making…


2) More house history can be found up in Glasgow this week if you’re quick. Acid house stage show We Are Ian launched at Edinburgh Fringe Festival yesterday and is running until August 29. The cult play is set in 1989 and pays homage to the birth of rave and the Manchester scene. There are still some tickets available and it sounds like fun.... Apparently last year’s debut received rave reviews (sorry)  

3) Meanwhile in NYC another stage show is afoot; A-Trak’s inaugural Goldie Awards. A brand new DJ & beat battle tournament is to take place on September 7 where eight turntablists and eight live beat makers will go toe-to-toe in two separate contests and will be rated by an all-star cast of judges: Diplo, Just Blaze, Mannie Fresh, DJ Craze, Mija, Destructo and the Whooligan. According to A-Trak the entries were so good he raised the finalist count from six to eight. Finalists include a 13 year old from New Zealand and three world champion DJs. Get a sneak peak of them below and find out more here.


4) Dubfire (pictured) wins all of our DJ Of The Week trophies this week, though. And he does so for two reasons. Last Friday he donated his DJ fee at The Light Off in Barcelona to victims of the recent terrorist attack that took place on the city’s famous Las Ramblas strip, which he himself was a witness. He then went on to Romania’s Sunwaves festivals where he played a 24 hour marathon set, matching Marco Carola’s set in 2015 (but not quite hitting tINI & Bill Patrick’s record of 31 hours last year). Check his Facebook for various videos of the day-long mix sesh. But try to be quiet because he’s still catching up on his sleep!

5) Also in techno news this week, The xx’s Romy Madley Croft has revealed in an interview with Australian publication The Courier that the band have plans to release techno tunes. ““We’ve got plans to release our techno tunes,” she stated. “We’ve loved having more upbeat music in our set. We’ve remixed ourselves, there’s some older songs that we now play at 120 bpm… People probably assume that Jamie brought the injection of dance music to the last album but in a way it’s funny because Oliver and I were inspired by what he was doing and when he got back he was actually the one who wanted to come in and slow it down.”

6) And if you like the idea of The xx on a techno tip then you’ll probably enjoy Vale, the third song to be revealed from Bicep’s highly anticipated self-titled debut album. Deliciously atmospheric, emotional and built on a spacious breakbeat, it follows successful summer tracks Glue and Aura and sets us up nicely for its September 1 release on Ninja Tune.

7) Speaking of biceps… If you’re looking to flex your wallet muscles this weekend on some home audio equipment and have a spare £700,000 kicking around, you could do worse than paying Wilson Audio a visit. They’ve started shipping the WAMM Master Chronosonic, a new high-end loudspeaker design that’s the result of over five years research. These puppies stand over two metres tall, comprise nine drive units and are the most time domain accurate speakers ever produced with adjustability down to five millionths of a second. Construction on each order takes 10 weeks. More than enough time to save up. Wamm bam thank you ma’am.





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