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WEEKEND PREVIEW: Rave The Planet X TikTok

A fundraiser for a new Berlin Love Parade

2021 Jul 09     
2 Bit Thugs

The 6.5-hour livestream kicks off at 4pm CET tomorrow

Rave The Planet, the organisation set up by Love Parade founder Dr Motte with a view to bringing the legendary event back to life, have teamed up with TikTok for a 6.5-hour livestream that's taking place tomorrow.

Regular readers may remember we reviewed a Rave The Planet EP back in February. The organisation's fundraising efforts have since been curtailed somewhat by the resurgence of coronavirus across Europe, but they're still hoping to launch a Rave The Planet Parade in 2022.

To that end, Dr Motte will be joined from 4pm CET – that's 3pm in the UK – by fellow DJs Ann Clue, Klanglos, Mark Dekoda, Nakadi and [pictured] Stella Bossi. When he's not manning the decks, Dr Motte will also be available to answer listeners' questions via the live chat, and anyone tuning in is encouraged to make a donation via the same platform – however small – to help make a reborn Love Parade a reality. is the place to head.





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