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100 DJs back-to-back, worldwide!

2020 Apr 24     
2 Bit Thugs

The event has been organised by DJs For Climate Action and takes place from 3pm this Sunday

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual event that seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues. Earth Day itself was on Wednesday (22 April), but this weekend will see 100 DJs playing a special live-streamed 'back-to-back' marathon for Earth Night.

The project is the brainchild of Eli Soul Clap (of, er, Soul Clap fame), who's been involved with DJs For Climate Action since it was founded. Earth Night will run from 3pm to 1am GMT this Sunday (26 April), and feature 100 DJs in over 50 cities worldwide. DJs taking part include Soul Clap, Blond:ish, Doorly, Louisahhh, The Whooligan, Mr V, Fred Everything, JKriv, Dave Beer and NYC scene veteran Jeannie Hopper, along with a host of more underground/up-and-coming names (full list below) – all of whom will play precisely one track each over the course of the 10-hour broadcast.

Tune in at, or on Twitch.


Those DJs in full: Soul Clap, Blond:ish, Doorly, DJ Holographic, Cosmo Baker, Louisahhh, The Whooligan, Mr. V, Nickodemus, Moullinex, Da Chick, Fred Everything, JKriv, DJ Raff, Entropica, Mezla, Jedda [The Big Green Party Machine], Parker Smith, Belaria, zips, GUERRA, Heidy P, Party Boy Lance, Franz Matthews, Lavender & The Good Times, Skollaris, Lady Joker, Mille The Hit, DJ Randale, Le Frit, Ditti, Fantasna, Johnny Golden, Khadija, cortex, Rebel Up, Kiko De Gallo, DARLINGCHUCK, Mukhtar, Frederika, Diego Noguera, Jinku, Raio, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy, Ohxalá, Magupi, Di Laif, Xanducero, Acha Bacha, Peter Power, Mettabbana, EchoE, Biomigrant, La Parsifónica, Jin Yerei, Slægi, AIWAA, Juan Diego Illescas, Flowers On Both Ears, Osana, Oonga, Nico Castro, Klik & Frik, Ricky Cardelli, Michael The Lion, Barda, Gino, Yemanjo, Tomasön, Dr. Calavera, Chitacosmico7, Griffin Craft, K.BOUS, Gozar, OXCAR, Beaux, Vix Vapor Rub, Narval, Ghost, Fanfara Electronica, Kaygee, Simbo / Pulo NDJ, Alon(e)/Psycho Tropiques, Prabumi, Ali Coleman, Navbox, Echo Juliet, Yuko Kakizawa, Michel D, Synths Back, PhreshPrince, Carissa, SolarSoundSystem / Radio 3S, Big Trouble, Corridors, Jeannie Hopper, MATTHUS, The Untitled One, Emilis Rut, Himay, DJ Dayglow, Frny00, Dave Beer, Barrio Lindo, KHAL!L, Kousk, Coleridge, Ani Phoebe, ?me, Salgari Records, DÖM, Noah Prebish, DJ Lex Nell, Deep Loni Frequency, DJ HRP





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