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WEEKEND PREVIEW: A livestream for Cameron Dante

The Bizarre Inc man has a rare auto-immune disease

2021 Feb 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Jay Allen and friends' Mixcloud Live stream will be the first of several fundraisers

This weekend will see DJs Jay Allen and Paul Packham hosting a livestreamed party on Mixcloud Live to raise funds for the medical treatment of Bizarre Inc band member Cameron Dante.

Dante has a long history in the UK dance music scene, starting out as a breakdancer in the 80s – he was a member of Manchester's Street Machine Crew alongside future Take That star Jason Orange. Taking up DJing when house arrived later in the 80s, he's since gone on to run several successful club nights including the legendary Good Greef in Manchester, put out numerous solo productions and have his own show on Kiss FM for two years – all while being a full-time member of rave survivors Bizarre Inc since 1993.

Sadly, Dante was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Wegeners Gramulatosis a few years ago, and both the disease and the chemotherapy to treat it have left him in desperate need of expert medical help – he has already lost the sight in one eye and has just 10-20% vision in the other.

To that end, his partner Lyn Bateman has set up GoFundMe campaign that seeks to raise £40,000, to cover the costs incurred as they seek help from specialists in a number of different countries (he is currently being treated at a clinic in Seville, Spain).

The GoFundMe campaign can be found here, and anyone tuning into the Mixcloud Live stream – which kicks off at 4pm on Sunday, more details here – is urged to make a donation.





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