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Watch The Shaker's video for 'Bring Your Love Down'

A slice of polished nu-disco from the nu-NRG survivor

2016 Sep 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Single is out on his own Red Ant Records on 15 September

While the name Pete Bones may not ring any immediate bells, as The Shaker he should need no introduction to ravers of a certain age - 1994's Mooncat, in particular, was a bona fide club anthem during the heady mid-90s era of handbag, hardbag and nu-NRG (and if you don't know what we're on about, ask your Dad).

Well, like a lot of us old ravers, Mister Bones - who got his first DJ residency at Surrey's Hand & Spear way back in 1990 - has refused to bow to the call of pipe and slippers, and to prove it he's got a new The Shaker single, Bring Your Love Down, coming out next week on his own Red Ant Records, a label that's already over 140 releases deep. And today, it's iDJ's pleasure to bring you a first look at the track's accompanying video.

As you'll hear, it's a smoother, more polished sound than in days of yore, but it's also one that's more in keeping with current musical trends so we wouldn't be surprised to see this one do big things. Remember where you heard about it first!


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