2017 Nov 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features three original cuts plus a remix by elrow boss De la Swing

Elrow Music return with another tech-house release that's indicative of the style of their parties. There's also an almost hip-house feel to the main track, which comes complete with a remix by elrow boss De la Swing.

The Original Mix of Bump N Grind is up first. It starts with a percussive loop and vocal samples that run throughout the length of the track as part of the backbeat. The drum beats are crisp and tizzy, and the kickdrum is all over the place; together they give the track a neat swung feel that's accentuated by claps. The rap vocal is scattered throughout the track and works well. The De la Swing Remix features the rap more prominently alongside many additional drum loops and synth stabs, and has more of a party atmosphere.

Next up is Rowling, a bass-heavy track with scatty drums, more rap vocals and a rolling feel - hence the title, I’m guessing. Again, it's a real party-starter. Finally you have Interstellar, which has a panned bleep as an intro and something of a sci-fi feel, with lots of spacey bleeps, short vocal lines and drum machine sounds. As it progresses there are crazy spoken samples and much aural trickery in play, all of which work very well.

If you're after a release that is elrow personified, then this one is for you. My favourite here is Rowling but all four are pretty cool and very crowd-friendly. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Wade, De la Swing, elrow, Elrow Music, tech-house, tech house