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Viper reach 100th release milestone

Part 1 of a four-part EP is out now

2017 Jan 31     
2 Bit Thugs

Find 'Love Blind' by BMotion vs Dossa & Locuzzed on Beatport

Hearty iDJ congratulations go this week to Viper Recordings, who are celebrating reaching their 100th release since Futurebound first set up the label in 2004. Making it to 100 releases is an achievement for any label, of course, but doubly so when you consider that means Viper was born right just as dance music industry was entering some of its toughest economic times.

To celebrate this landmark, Viper is releasing a four-part EP entitled, imaginatively enough, Viper 100. The EP will feature four collaborations between different Viper artists, and first up are BMotion and Dossa & Locuzzed, who've teamed up for a lively lil' number called Love Blind.

As you can hear below, Love Blind lulls you into a false sense of security with a guitar-led intro that could have come straight from an 80s pop tune, which is joined before long by an R&B-ish vocal sample. But when that b-line does eventually drop, dancefloor carnage is guaranteed.

Love Blind is available now on Beatport and Spotify, with a full release to follow on Friday 10 February. As for the remaining three installments, we'll keep you posted!






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