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VIDEO PREMIERE! 'Galaxy Noise' by Only Drugs

Psychedelic electronica and cartoon robots!

2020 Nov 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Out now on Green Panorama Records, 'Galaxy Noise' trails Only Drugs' soon-come debut album

Today's exclusive track premiere comes to you in moving pictures form, as iDJ brings you a first chance to see the brand new video for Galaxy Noise by Only Drugs, which dropped a couple of weeks ago on Green Panorama Records.

Only Drugs are an audio-visual collective from Moscow who cite artists as diverse as Robert Miles, Kraftwerk, Miles Davis and Pantera as influences, and who will be releasing their debut album – from which Galaxy Noise is taken – early next year. For this trailer EP, they're recruited the services of “punk artists” Psymuline to create a six-minute animated video that they describe a lot better than we ever could…

"A band of misfit robots takes us on a galactical excision to their spacey set just beyond the twinkling stars. As the track tunes into its funk and delivers celestial sequences, the band-of-bionics also tune into their rhythm – sending shocks throughout their motherboards and acidifying their headspace. In a psychedelic daydream, we are transported to dizzying scenes of joyous jubilee that become the creative ambrosia, relaunching the power and precision of Only Drugs! The robotic foursome continue their travels, spreading hypnotic hymns and eccentric electronica throughout the cosmos, delivering world-ending performances to unsuspecting extraterrestrials."

See what you think…


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