2018 Jul 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Brazilian producer Ruiz serves up his first full EP for Noir's label

Brazil's Victor Ruiz follows up his excellent remix of Olivier Giacomotto’s Bipolar Star, which came out on Noir in January, with his first full EP for the label, and a fine one it is at that.

There are three tracks, and kicking off the EP is The Eye Of The Beholder itself. It starts with a solitary violin note, then adds a muted galloping percussion loop that comes more into focus as the track develops into a chunky techno roller with crisp hi-hats, a great synth lead line and a very atmospheric feel overall. There's a long breakdown, and the whole track has a distinctly futuristic vibe. Next is Tormenta, which begins with a kick and a driving percussion loop, then builds with sinister sounds and soaring sci-fi synth stabs to a small breakdown - which is the cue for things to really start to fly, with a violin melody and crazy sounds that give it a dark yet uplifting feel. There's a bigger breakdown with more crazy sounds, and all the time the violin melody keeps adding the tension. The last track is Rainbow In The Dark, with the bassline opening proceedings, backed with a kick and other weird sounds that give it a dystopian feel that's oddly pleasing. The lead line carries the tune nicely and it's another case of 'less is more' here - the richness of the sounds add meat to its bare bones, in the way that good techno tracks tend to.

I don’t have a favourite on the EP as all three tracks are equally pleasing and, if played to the right crowd, equally capable of causing dancefloor pandemonium.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Victor Ruiz, Noir Music, techno