2016 Apr 17     
2 Bit Thugs

French house hero DJ W!LD takes care of remix business on this, the label's sixth release

Some tuff, strutty contemporary house bizniss on this three-tracker from brotherly duo Vibe Killers, who hail from Burnley in Lancashire.

Medium Rare is up first, a driving, stompy affair with a treated male "feel the vibe!" vocal sample, sonorous bass and busy tech-house beats. Control Freak itself follows and takes us into squelchy, retro-tastic acid house territory, while completing the EP is a remix of Medium Rare from France's DJ W!LD, in whose hands the terrace-y drums are toned down, the bassline has a rich, dubby warmth not heard on the original and the track acquires a sweary spoken vocal from a rapper who appears not to be very happy with reporters at WorldStarHipHop...

Only six releases deep, already Killer Vibe are showing signs of being a label to keep an eye on this year.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 11 April





Review Score: 8




Tags: house, Vibe Killers, Killer Vibe Records, DJ W!LD