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Vestax returning to turntable market

New mixer, turntable and pre-amp coming from March onwards

2016 Jan 17     
2 Bit Thugs

New company will trade as STP/Vestax but is headed up by Vestax founder Hidesato Shiino

There was a time in the early 00s when Vestax's PDX turntable range were the only serious rivals to the Technics SL-1200's domination of the DJ sector. So with the recently revived SL-1200 now known to be selling for a whopping £4K, there will no doubt be many DJs rejoicing at the news that, as FACT reports, Vestax - which went bankrupt in 2014 - is coming back.

Hidesato Shiino, who founded Vestax in 1977, is currently running a guitar repair company called Paco 1977. But now he's announced, via Paco 1977's blog, that he's re-entering the vinyl platter business, saying: "I would like to ... spread to the DJ world that I seriously considered restarting the VESTAX of 2002, but large-scale mass production of new units is not possible. However, I have decided to release and sell the first of a range of products from March 2016. I plan to produce limited quantities for direct sale to end-users.

"While my purpose is not commercial-level output, I will release a mixer rebranded as STP/VESTAX with our VESTAX image, in order to support and keep our global VESTAX fans. There is significant experienced thought behind the development and production of this mixer. In 2016 we will announce a range of new acoustic products such as a power amplifier, signal devices, turntable, SP system and pre-amplifiers. We think that no matter how the music world is changing, there will always be real die-hard music lovers."





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