2016 Feb 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Volume 3 features tracks by Julien Sanza and Flash Atkins, as well as a host of more up-and-coming names

Another year, another Trash The Wax collection from Paper Recordings, with volumes one and two having dropped in 2014 and 2015 respectively. And the arrival of a third installment should certainly be enough to get disco lovers salivating.

The emphasis here, as with the two previous volumes, is on new, up-and-coming talent, so don't come looking for big names, though Julian Sanza (of Silver City/The Spirals fame) does make an appearance, as does label boss Ben Davis under his Flash Atkins guise. But just because the producers involved might be relatively new to the game doesn't mean they've not got the chops. This is Paper Recordings, remember: they're a label who know more than most about deep disco fusions, and suffice to say their A&R skills haven't let them down here.

With 17 original tracks, plus an 88-minute continuous mix by Will Tramp, there's no faulting Trash The Wax Vol 3 on the VFM front, either! So we won't go through on a track-by-track basis right now, but if you want highlights, then Dunn & Massey's Red Room Disco [4am At Homoelectric Mix], which bites the oft-sampled Ellis D My Loleatta acapella (y'know: "I'm gonna diss you right now… I said bitch… all right", etc) is one cut that'll prick dancers' ears up; ditto Deckard's groovy, guitar-laden The Warriors with its extensive sampling of guess which classic 70s movie, while Gold Boy's Rototoms and Spleen Underground's In Fun will suit those who like their disco on the more laidback side. Props also to Flash and Crazy P's Danielle Moore, who on If Anybody Gets Funked Up rework an overlooked P-Funk All-Stars gem from 1996 whose acapella has opened many a disco set by this reviewer.

If the deeper side of nu-disco is what floats your boat, this is unmissable.


Release date: 4 February


Review Score: 9




Tags: Paper Recordings, disco, nu disco, nu-disco, Flash Atkins, Ben Davis, Danielle Moore, Dunn & Massey, Will Tramp, Deckard, Gold Boy, Spleen Underground