2017 Mar 05     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP is only the second release from fledgling UK label Shanghaied Records

This three-track EP is new UK label Shanghaied Records' second release, and features three cuts of no-nonsense tech-house compiled by label owners Ron Mexico and Wax Worx.

First up is Clouded Judgement with In The Mix. This starts with a clattering drum pattern and various vocal samples (including one that says the title); then in come a funky bassline and acidic burbling which give it a chunky, floor-friendly feel. There are risers, synth stabs and stereo panned sounds which together make for a very passable tune. Secondly you have Ben Stirling’s Donk Me, which has a squelchy drum pattern and female vocal samples over a funky, bass-laden backbeat with lots of mini snare rolls and other percussive sounds. And then finally there's Def Mob’s Loco,which has a long breakbeat intro and builds with a super funky bassline, electro-sounding drums and lots of recognisable yet crazy samples that are used to good effect throughout the track. There is even the infamous "drop that ghettoblaster" sample from S-Express in there!

Make no mistake, this EP is aimed squarely at the dancefloor, with all three cuts being frenetic party- starters. My favourite is is the first track, In The Mix, but I can see me playing them all at some point over the next few weeks and onwards. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 March


Review Score: 7




Tags: Shanghaied Records, Ben Stirling, Def Mob, Clouded Judgement, tech house, tech-house