2018 Jan 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Features cuts from Demuir, Melodymann, Snazzy Trax and The Organ Grinder

A tasty five-track release out of Belgium here, which features four upcoming artists who like their music injected with a healthy dose of disco.

Opening and closing the EP are two tracks by Demuir. The first is Euphoria, which has a disco backbeat and features a speech about people taking drugs to expand their subconscious. Together they make a compelling and very dancefloor-friendly track, with a backbeat dominated by a jazzy Fender Rhodes piano and Philly-style string fills. Next we have Snazzy Trax with Disco Loops, which starts with a pronounced four-to-the-floor kickdrum, snare and hi-hat pattern and then evolves into a full-on disco groover with a funky bassline and more electric piano.

On to the B side, and first up is The Organ Grinder with No Strings Attached. This track utilises a disco sample with added percussion that sounds very choppy - as some of these old disco cut-ups can - but works well enough. That's followed by Melodymann with Dancin’ M2, which starts with bongos and claps, joined by vocal chants and a funky bassline. As the track develops there are simple string fills, funky guitar parts and a male vocal which sound in-keeping with the disco theme, and finally you have Demuir’s second track, the charmingly titled C.U.N.T.B.O.Y. (Pedro): a frenetic looped disco cut-up with a spoken vocal about someone not being allowed into a DJ booth.

All the tracks work well, and if you like your house music light and disco-influenced, this EP is one you're going to want to check out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 January




Review Score: 8




Tags: Melodymathics, Melodymann, The Organ Grinder, Demuir, Snazzy Trax, house, disco house