2016 May 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Features tracks and mixes from Riva Starr, Paul C & Paolo Martini, Emanuel Satie, Sidney Charles, Sven Tasnadi and more

Moon Harbour as a label have been around for 16 years, so as you would expect, they have released many an excellent tune in their time. And it looks like that isn't stopping with this album showcase.

The label is based in Leipzig and run by Matthias Tanzmann, and is a leader in its field, offering up a rich and diverse take on tech house. This compilation features artists new and old, and 12 tracks that really showcase that original sound to a tee.

Although this is obviously a commercial enterprise, Moon Harbour haven't compromised on their style of tech house. Actually, a lot of the tracks are what I personally would call deep house, but that's no bad thing as I enjoy both styles, and hopefully you will hear this and do the same! Favourites for me are the opening track Now You Know by Emanual Satie with its funky distorted bassline, female vocal samples, subtle risers and swung percussion, the Riva Starr edit of Rotation by Paul C & Paolo Martini with tits tight funky bassline, rubbery sounds, party samples and odd vocal lines, and House Is All I Need by Sidney Charles with its military snare sound, female vocal wails, odd synth lines and crash cymbals a-plenty.

I can safely say that this album is ‘all killer and no filler’, which is a rarity with any compilation album. But as this is Moon Harbour’s seventh such release, they deserve to be applauded for really managing to pack it full of rich, deep n' techy house goodness.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 June



Review Score: 9




Tags: house, Moon Harbour, Matthias Tanzmann, Riva Starr, Paul C & Paolo Martini, Sidney Charles