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Various - Lisztcomp Vol 2

Seriously deep house grooves from Russia

2016 Aug 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Lisztomania's second label comp is a treasure that many will overlook. Do yourself a favour: don't be one of them.

Russian label Lisztomania serve up a second label compilation, and a very satisfying dish it is too.

While for many, many years prog, electro and trance represented pretty much the entirety of the Russian dance music milieu, in more recent times we've started to hear a greater range of music coming from the east. Lisztomania Records, purveyors of the finest in deep house, are a shining example.

The compilation may be low on big names, but there's no shortage of quality music on offer. Furdak's Deep Rush has a distinctly retro feel, nodding to both vintage Chi-town deep à la Larry Heard, Ron Trent etc and the 'ambient house' of late 80s/early 90s Ibiza. Jordan Alvarez's Solstice is a late night sofa-surfer par excellence, Lucas Perazzi's Pequena Nube with its jazzy sax flourishes, chorus'd female vocal snips and luxuriant chords would work on deep and soulful floors alike, while Vasily Umanets' Little Helper, with its sparse, dubby feel, Daft Punk-ish analogue blips and cut-up disco vocal fragments, can safely be described as "awesome". And there's another half-dozen certified gems where those came from.

Lovers of actual proper deep house are advised to check for this immediately, nuff said!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 25 August

Review score: 9





Tags: Furdak, deep house, Lisztomania, Jordan Alvarez, Lucas Perassi, Vasily Umanets