2016 Feb 22     
2 Bit Thugs

If you like the beats that go boompty-boomp you're gonna love this, but then you already knew that

We've never really set ourselves up as medical experts here at iDJ, but we think we just might have identified a new psychological condition. Its working name is Obsessive Compiling Disorder, and DJ Sneak definitely has it. His Magnetic Recordings imprint is releasing no fewer than SIX label retrospectives over the course of a year - number five drops on 4 March - and now his newer I'm A House Gangster label is getting in on the act with this second collection of tracks from the vaults.

This puts the poor reviewer in a bit of a quandary, because with Sneak such an established player with such an instantly recognisable sound, and with so many other label comps having come before IAHG Bangers #2, the simple fact is you probably already know if you need this album or not. But just in case there was any doubt... if you've ever been a fan of the Sneak-y one's work then yes, you definitely do!

The collection opens with Intense Idea from Ramon Tapia, which sets the tone for the big-name talent roster on display, with cuts from Harry Romero, Hector Moralez, Jesse Perez, Joeski, Tripmastaz and Freaks man Justin Harris. As for highlights, it's a double gold for Romero, with the boompty-jazz stylings of Greens (a Romero solo outing) and Ghetto Bounce (a collab with Joeski under the name HR & Ski) clear standouts for this reviewer. Special mention should also be made of the wonky tech of Chiqito's Build It Up, and of Sneak's 1 For The Clowns, with its sampled vocal of an unidentified DJ bemoaning the current wave of EDM superstars -"Now kids don't even hear the music at the circus, they just come to see the clowns" - leading into a circus music breakdown.

Admittedly, if you're not already a fan of Sneak and his labels, this album probably won't make you change your mind. But for those that are, it's pretty much essential.

Release date: 19 February



Review Score: 9




Tags: DJ Sneak, I'm A House Gangster, Ramon Tapia, Harry Romero, Hector Moralez, Jesse Perez, Joeski, Tripmastaz, Justin Harris, Chiqito, house music, boompty-boomp