2016 Jul 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Features 18 scratchy, headnoddin' slices of uber-deepness from the likes of Aura Dub, Raul Aguilar and Vagabundo

Dub.Sphere, the label headed up by Germany's Aura Dub, release their first-ever label compilation here... as more astute readers may already have guessed from the title!

With some 30 releases under their belt so far, fans of the label will have a pretty good idea what to expect here already. For the uninitiated, though, uncompromising, underground deep/dub/minimal techno is the order of the day throughout. With 18 tracks from the likes of Raul Aguilar, Cesar Galindo, Matteo Krauss and Vagabundo, plus the label boss himself and a host of more up-and-coming names, there is naturally some variety on display, but overall this is an album that's long on muted, at times glitchy beats, dubwise basslines, echoing industrial FX and layers of white noise. Lots of layers of white noise! It's the kind of tackle that's aimed at warm-up or very late dancefloor play, and is equally at home while kicking back on the sofa and blazing yourself further into inner space.

Of course, not everyone's a fan of this kind of ultra-sparse, rhythmically chugging fare - and if you're not, this is unlikely to be the album that changes your mind, sticking fairly closely as it does to a well-defined genre blueprint. But for lovers of the style, this is an unmissable collection that will help to cement Dub.Sphere's position as prime movers in their chosen field.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 11 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Dub.Sphere, Aura Dub, Matteo Krauss, Vagabundo, Cesar Galindo, Raul Aguilar