2020 Dec 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Vanilla Ace's label bring us their second value-packed V/A comp in four months

Vanilla Ace's Wyldcard Records bring us a second volume in their house and tech-house V/A comp series, coming hot on the heels of Vol 1 which dropped back in August.

With 22 tracks for just £12.50 or thereabouts, you can't fault this collection on the value-for-money front. With 22 tracks, I'm also not going into each one in detail or we'll be here all night! But tuff, strutty house grooves have long been Vanilla Ace's stock-in-trade, and suffice to say you'll find plenty of the same right here, coming mostly from up-and-coming producers. There are certainly some recognisable names on the talent roster – James Silk, for instance – but most of these cuts are the work of newcomers "from Brazil to the USA to Russia to Japan, all the way back to Europe", as the hype sheet puts it. 

Stylistically, tech-house is the general order of the day, with occasional excursions into proggier (Lennart Richter's Everyday) or straight-up house (Wolf Jay's Ohhh) territory. You want standouts? Then ACT ON & Chubz & Nukem's Robots To Mars would be one, with its looping spoken vocal and fat-ass squelchy bassline, the aforesaid Mr Silk's disco-fuelled That Loop another.

Really, though, the joy of this comp lies not in any one particular must-have track, but in the opportunity it presents to get familiar with a whole bunch of fresh talent for a sensible price. What's not to like?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 11 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Wyldcard Records, Vanilla Ace, ACT On, Chubz & Nukem, James Silk, Lennart Richter