2018 Apr 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Label boss Josh Bulter heads up a laidback EP built with daytime summer terrace sessions in mind

Josh Butler's Origins Rcrds release their second various artists EP, featuring three up-and-coming British artists including Butler himself. All three are quality cuts.

First up is Butler's own Switch Off, which starts with a crowd sample, then brings in a great natural-sounding funky bassline, a closed hi-hat and muted piano notes, which lead to claps and various male and female vocal samples. It's all very laidback and smooth-sounding, and perfect for afternoon plays at terrace parties and the like.

The second track is by Ben Sterling and is titled Ciao. It opens with a percussive loop and adds a bassline and rhythmic percussion shots, which give it a punchy feel and take you to a breakdown where the main vocal sample is introduced - a woman's voice saying "ciao" (and another word that I can’t make out). There's a synth lead-line as well and it's another terrace groover. Finally you have Timmy P's Harv, which has ethereal synth chords, a swung drum pattern and a panned, high-pitched female vocal. It's the most laidback of the three tracks and fits the terrace-friendly ethos of the EP to a tee.

This is a well thought-out release, with three tracks that are similar enough in style to make the package coherent, yet different enough to each warrant attention. I don't have a favourite, and will play all three - though I do have a favourite bassline, which is from Josh Butler’s own track.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 30 March


Review Score: 8




Tags: Josh Butler, Origins Rcrds, Timmy P, Ben Sterling, house