2018 Jan 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Label boss Derrick Thompson and friends serve up some high-quality house and techno

This year, Soiree Records International will celebrate their 28th birthday. Their first release of 2018 is an EP that demonstrates the label's eclectic music policy in microcosm, its four tracks ranging from dubby deep house to energetic techno, and coming from a mix of well-established veterans and comparative newcomers..

The EP kicks off with The Heads by DJ Roach. Roach is a Motor City native, and it shows: The Heads is an uncompromising, tracky techno affair, all pounding kicks, electro synth squiggle and dense layers of noise. Which makes it a complete contrast with the second cut, One Love by Drivetrain – AKA label boss Derrick Thompson. One Love opens with a nagging chopped-n-looped piano riff, then adds fierce rolling drums and haunting "one time, one space" vox to create a stripped-back house gem that'd work equally well in the warm-up or on tired, 5am floors.

Up next is Nicolas Franken's Pied Bot, wherein the Belgian producer brings us a deeper house groove with dubby overtones - definitely one for late play, this! And then finally there's Canadian producer Rennie Foster with Infrastructure. The hype sheet calls this one "a relentless, robotic tribute to Detroit" and frankly, I'm struggling to come up with a more succinct description!

House and techno lovers of many shades should find at least something to enjoy here, so checking the EP out for yourself is highly recommended.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 15 January




Review Score: 8




Tags: Derrick Thompson, Drivetrain, Soiree Records International, DJ Roach, Nicolas Franken, Rennie Foster, house, techno, Detroit