2019 Jan 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Fans of the genre will love this four-tracker, says Danny Slade

After their excellent The Future Of Hard Trance album, the guys at GT Digital felt it would be a good idea to put out a remix EP of some of the best tracks, and here it is. After some release date confusion, we're a week late with this one, but it's still well worth checking out!

First up is the Mindflux Remix of Aponaut’s Dream Of Eternity, which starts with a cymbal crash followed by the bassline and some percussion, then brings in a female vocal sample and a heady dose of acid. Then the track breaks down and a male vocal sample kicks in, before all hell is let loose as the track gets into full swing with distorted riffs, growling sounds and eerie, spatial top lines. Next comes the Dark Sector Remix of Nostic’s Dark Energy, another hard trance masterclass with a muted kick and reverse bassline by way of a DJ-friendly intro, which then gives way to a thudding kick, clever vocal samples and lots of 303s. 

Then we have the Wavetraxx Remix of Busho’s Identity Unknown, which has an almost funky techno intro but quickly changes, via a military snare roll, into another hard yet emotive track with a massive breakdown that really builds the tension before it slams back in with another snare roll and some rich acidic burbling. Finally we have the Renegade System Remix of Mindflux’s Just Wanna Go Back, which is based around a vocal sample that works a treat with the ultra-hard yet uplifting backbeat.

If you'rre a fan of the darker side of trance, this EP delivers the goods in a hard and fast package. My favourite is the final track, but it's a closely fought battle.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: GT Digital, trance, hard trance, hard dance, Busho, Wavetraxx, Renegade System, Mindflux, Aponaut, Nostic, Dark Sector