2019 Mar 24     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features tracks from Addex, Evren Furtuna, Fresh & Low and Marc Cotterell

Four typically high-quality deep house tracks here from Addex, Marc Cotterell, Evren Furtuna and Fresh & Low, coming to you courtesy of Deep Site Vinylized.

As the name suggests, it's actually the second time around for this selection, and having managed to miss the original EP I can't really tell you how the new mixes, which see the four participants making free with each other's contributions, compare to the originals. But in Furtuna's hands, Addex's Blazing is an unhurried and uncluttered midtempo groover, dubwise in feel and perfect for those warm-up/afterparty moments, while Cotterell's mix of Furtuna's own Erotic Soul sees sax stabs and a poetic spoken male vocal taking centre stage atop a backing that draws heavily on classic New Jersey garage for inspiration. Fresh & Low's String Theory becomes, in Addex hand's, a seriously deep affair that's strictly a post-club number, while completing the EP is Fresh & Low's Solar Remix of Cotterell's Sunset Vibes, which rides a steppy/broken beat with live-sounding bass, luxuriant keys and, as the track progresses, lounge-y little synth doodles.

Just the list of artists featured here will likely have been enough to get deep house lovers' musical tastebuds tingling... suffice to say the end results don't disappoint one iota.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Deep Site Vinylized, Addex, Evren Furtuna, Fresh & Low, Marc Cotterell, deep house