2020 Jul 12     
2 Bit Thugs

T2 sees well-established producers joining forces with some more up-and-coming names

Here we have an 18-track compilation from Toolroom that's comprised entirely of collaborations. To be more precise, it's comprised of collaborations that largely (with one or two exceptions) represent a coming together of producers at different levels of their careers – so you get well-known names like Gene Farris, Tube & Berger, DJ Chus and Mat.Joe working alongside the more up-and-coming likes of Miane, Eskuche, Siwell and Ben Remember.

You may already have realised that, because earlier compilation T1, released in 2015, followed a very similar brief. The twist here is that the names in question were literally pulled out of a hat – hence the exceptions mentioned above. We'd be hard pushed to say, for instance, who's the bigger name out of ATFC & Mason in 2020!

But that's enough about the concept – what you want to know is, is the album any good? And yes, it is. The throwing together of producers at random has certainly thrown up some interesting results – DJ Chus, for instance, has never sounded quite so discofied as he does on Siwell collab Love Me. And while there are perhaps no HUGE surprises waiting – as has been argued previously on these pages, Toolroom's catalogue as a whole is far more wide-ranging than they get credit for, but neither are they ever likely to suddenly start chucking 20-minute ambient soundscapes or aggy neurofunk slammers into the mix – there's certainly enough variety on offer to ensure that things never get dull.

Standouts for this reviewer include Farris & Miane's Footwerk with its insistent bass throb and its chanted, drone-like vocal, and Mat.Joe & Ben Remember's irresistibly upbeat Let Go. But you'll have your personal faves for sure, because all told this is a very solid collection of firmly club-oriented house trax – supplied in full-length, unmixed form for your DJing pleasure – that features a suitably wide range of styles and a pleasing mix of well-established faves and hot new talent. What's not to like?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 July



Review Score: 8




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