2019 Oct 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Swerve Digital serve up one of this year's best ADE samplers

It's that time of year again. The season when, with ADE samplers landing on a daily basis, a reviewer's head starts to spin. You dutifully sit and listen to half a dozen 10-, 20-, 30-track compilations back-to-back, and by the time you've got to the last one you can't remember what the first one sounded like, and as for remembering any of the individual tracks? Fuhgeddaboudit. So you have no option but to go back and play them all again…

This year, though, there was one ADE comp that really stood out for yours truly, and it's this one from London's Swerve Digital. With just eight tracks, it's a pretty slim affair compared to some of the behemoth comps put out by other labels, but where many of those sets can leave you feeling like a little stricter quality control might've been in order, this one rocks from start to finish and, thanks to the variety of styles on offer, never gets dull.

Gabriel Evoke's Are You Rolling? gets things, er, underway on a tech-house tip, complete with big stabs, cut-up Afro-style vox and liberal use of toppy percussion. Valentino Orsini's Okay Mate treads a slightly deeper path, Santez's South Divide marries tuff, tribal drums to diva vocal wails in tried-and-tested 2.30am fashion, Lee Pearce's Sanook Sax is a deep house rumpshaker par excellence,  Mescal Kids' What You Saying? is an attitude-y, G-house affair, Luke Hassan's Mine Is Yours is an eyes-down tech-house roller with a looping, slightly chimpmunk'd female vocal sample, Khong's Feel The Wah is BIG, funk-fuelled stomper dripping in dancefloor energy and finally Jake Whitehouse's Haus is a more minimalist house workout with a spoken male vocal.

TL;DR? What you get for your buck here are 49 minutes and 2 seconds of, in the words of Whitehouse's closing track, "true house music" - by turns deep, techy or minimal but never less than chunky, driving and built for your dancefloor pleasure. 

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 October (Beatport) / 1 November (gen. release)





Review Score: 8




Tags: Swerve Digital, house, deep house, tech house, ADE, Gabriel Evoke, Valentino Orsini, Santez, Lee Pearce, Mescal Kids, Luke Hassan, Khaong, Jake Whitehouse