2021 Mar 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Arcade Pony and Fetch Records take us on a trip back in timeā€¦

No prizes for guessing which classic piece of Roland hardware provides the musical backbone for this joint compilation from Kinky Roland's Fetch Records and Punx Soundcheck's Arcade Pony.

There are 13 tracks from as many different artiists featured here – that's just a few too many to do the full track-by-track breakdown, but in any case it wouldn't matter because there's very much a theme that runs throughout. That theme being, of course, acid house nostalgia. There are many tracks here – Mark Moore & Roland Faber's Dreams Of Deja Vu, for instance, or Kinky Roland's Bandwagon, for instance, that could have beamed straight in from 1988, even if they were given a little 21st Centruy production polish along the way. There's even a contribution from DJ Pierre himself, and you don't get more authentically 'old school acid' than that! 

But there are others that could only have been created with the intervening 30+ years' of musical history and innovation to draw on – Alien's Pacidic North West 3.1, for instance, shows a strong progressive/melodic house influence – and others still that bring wider-ranging influences into play. Take Spatial Awareness's Levitating Magma Wizard – if I didn't already know of Tony's love for the likes of Visage and Landscape, I'd have guessed it anyway just from this one track!

So what this isn't, then, is a collection of 13 faithful homages and slavish pastiches. Instead you get an album that includes quite a few of those, as it pays respect to what was arguably one of the most seminal and influential of all dance music eras, but also explores new directions in which the classic acid sound can or might be taken. One to check for sure.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




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