2018 Sep 27     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features tracks from Jay Tripwire, Hector Moralez, Onur Ozman and more

This six-track EP features nine artists and some damn fine tracks, three of which are collaborations and all of which have an individual sound, which makes for a very refreshing release.

The first track is by Avision and is called Hot Keys. It starts with a whacked-out organ loop and bassline, then builds with percussion and a jangly piano that plays a scatty riff which serves as a great hook, as does the organ riff. Together, they carry the track nicely. Next up is Ivaylo’s Marcel’s Vista, which has a complicated rhythm set up by the drums and a bass tone. There are other percussive instruments in play and it's a tripped-out tune, with a single female vocal line in the breakdown and an enveloping keyboard riff that gives it an unconventional feel. Jay Tripwire’s W4tch1ng is next and keeps up the eccentric feel nicely: it's deep, brooding and very minimal, with a bass tone and a one-word male vocal, plus some dubby sound effects.

Next we have Zippers by Paco Wegmann & Hector Moralez, another outlandish track with an organic bassline, breakbeat drums and a quiet male vocal in the background. Pete Moss & Onur Ozman then give us Sad To Think, which is more conventional with a bright keyboard riff, sung male vocals, what sounds like plucked guitar and sci-fi pads. Last but not least is Sisto & Jack District’s Alright, which has a bongo-led percussion loop as an intro with claps, emerging jazzy synth chords and a slightly funky bassline, which are added to with vocal samples. There's also a filtered breakdown with crowd samples.

If you're after the conventional, look somewhere else - this EP is different from the norm. For me the first and last tracks work the best, but if you like your music individual-sounding, check it out!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 September


Review Score: 8




Tags: Kwench Records, Avision, Ivaylo, Jay Tripwire, Paco Wegmann, Hector Moralez, Pete Moss, Onur Ozman, Sisto, Jack District