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"Joey Negro: Remixed With Love Vol 3"

Label: Z Records

2018 Nov 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Odyssey, Fatback Band, Gladys Knight, Mtume, Gwen McCrae and more get a sprinkling of Dave Lee disco magic

It's always tricky, reviewing the third installment in a series. Generally speaking, review of Vol 1 will explain what the series is all about; a review of Vol 2 will then address the question of "can he/she/they maintain the quality across multiple installments?". By the time you get to Vol 3, what else is there to say?

This third volume in Dave Lee's Remixed With Love series is a case in point. We already explained last time around that the Remixed With Love ethos isn't so much about radically reinventing tracks as it is about making them easier to programme in 21st Century DJ sets; we discussed, too, that unlike some other Lee-helmed disco compilations, there's as much emphasis on much-loved tunes as there is on obscure underground nuggets. And of course, with these remixes coming from one of the most respected disco dons in the game, there's really no doubting the quality on offer.

So what more do you need to know? Well, this time around the much-loved gems come from the likes of Fatback (Do The Bus Stop), Evelyn King (I'm In Love), Odyssey (Going Back To My Roots) and Gladys Knight (Bourgie Bourgie), among others, while the lesser-known goodies include contributions from Samuel Jonathan Jonson, Michael Wycoff, LTD and more. Once again, Lee's remixes breathe new life into the familiar (Fatback and Evelyn King in particular), but here it's the new discoveries that really shine out for this reviewer - especially Johnson's You, a jaunty, rolling disco cut served with a splash of gospel for maximum uplift.

But then none of that matters too much, because 90% of you will already have decided whether or not you need this album already. So it just remains to tell the 10% who are still sitting on the fence that, yes, you very much do.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 16 November


Review Score: 8




Tags: Dave Lee, Joey Negro, Z Records, disco, soul, funk, boogie, Odyssey, Fatback Band, Gladys Knight, Mtume, Gwen McCrae, Michael Wycoff, LTD, Samuel Jonathan Johnson