2016 Jan 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Lithuania's masters of progressive house and techno come up with the goods once more on this 13-track compilation

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Suffused Music have been peddling their particular brand of techno and progressive house since 2013. Despite such a short lifespan, they've already racked up some seven label compilations - and now here comes number eight.

Don't expect to recognise many (most likely any, in fact) of the names involved here - not unless you keep your ear close to the ground as regards the East European techno scene, anyway! But here at iDJ, quality music has always taken precedence over big names - and there's quality music here for sure.

The album starts in progressive house territory - though as that particular genre's name gets as much misused as the terms 'deep house' and 'garage', rest assured this is the kind of deep, groovy prog you might hear in a set by, for instance, Hernan Cattaneo or Anthony Pappa, as opposed to the horrible screechy Eurotrance nonsense to which the label is so often, and so carelessly, applied. Dimuth K's surging, drama-filled Souq and Jose Tabarez's housier opener Sunset Bay are highlights in this first half of the album, before Villius J's dark, pounding Vortex marks an abrupt shift into techno territory. Joel Pasco gives us the acid-fried Sip Of Coke, which is followed by Anestis Bazakas's synthy Emphasis and Hansgod's more floaty Leaf Layer. A trio of slightly mellower prog cuts from SummerMarian, Guhus and Aten Circuit then play us out.

All told, while the album may not win over any converts to the style, lovers of tech-tinged prog and groove-laden techno should find plenty to enjoy here.

Release date: 10 January


Review Score: 7




Tags: Suffused Music, progressive house, techno