2020 Oct 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Featuring cuts from Alvaro Hylander, B&S Concept, Col Lawton and more

It's a big week for Ricky kk's newly-launched HOUPH label as, just 11 releases in, they bring us their first V/A collection… 

Belgian producer ColorJaxx gets the ball rolling with The Right Way, a nice little chunky-but-dreamy deep house groover with a distinctive female jazz-style vocal loop. Nine tracks later, the ball stops rolling at Federico Murgia's Orion, a sparse n' spacey deep tech excursion sporting some very sci-fi synths. And in-between? Well, in-between you've got Col Lawton's hazy, guitar-flecked I Will Let You In, B&S Concept's smooth and hypnotic Lemme See You Move, DeepWit boss Alvaro Hylander's Found Love with its sumptuous piano chords, Ricky's own strutty Comin' Home, PapierMacheTigers's bass-rumblin', trumpet-sprinkled Feel Me and… well, you get the general idea! Basically, if it's trad-style deep house goodness you're after, rest assured you'll find it in abundance here.

2020's been a difficult year for all of us, and launching a new label in the middle of a pandemic is a task I wouldn't envy anyone. But HOUPH has got off to a flying start all the same, and this V/A set should help firmly establish them as a must-check label for deep house lovers.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 9 October




Review Score: 8




Tags: HOUPH, Ricky kk, ColorJaxx, Federico Murgia, Col Lawton, Alvaro Hylander, B&S Concept, PapierMacheTiger, deep house, deep tech