2018 Jul 29     
2 Bit Thugs

Swerve Digital serve up a second V/A EP showcasing new producers

This fine five-tracker features tracks from rising talents that Swerve Digital are backing in their ascendence to, hopefully, the higher echelons of dance music production.

The EP opens with Cowlin's tech-house cut Rock It, which starts with a thudding kick and crisp hi-hat then, after a siren, adds a funky bassline and vocal chops. It's a floor-friendly number with male and female vocal samples and crazy sounds interspersed throughout - and a bit of a party animal, truth be told. That's followed by Josh Coakley’s Lucifer, which starts with a percussive loop and bassline and features a vocal in Spanish about the devil. There's a grunting acid line, funky bass and swung percussion, which again give it that party vibe.

Next up is Joshwa (UK) with Columbia, which has ethnic percussion, synth bleeps and a sample saying "Where did you get this... Columbia" along with other vocal samples, bongo fills, risers and then a sample about Colombia's most infamous export. This track's not as instant as the first two but still rocks, with a rolling bassline and a galloping beat. Then we have MORee's Goes Like This, which has a sparse intro, bleeps, a great bassline and vocal chops. There's a breakdown with crowd samples and risers and it's another surefire party-starter. Finally, there's Plus Beat'z (sic) with All Right, with a swung intro, bongos, synth stabs and more vocal chops - and yes, it's another very floor-friendly affair.

This is a great release that gives us an insight into the future sound of our dancefloors, and all five producers have excelled. I don't have a favourite and will happily play them all.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Swerve Digital, Cowlin, Josh Coakley, Joshwa (UK), MORee, Plus Beat'z