2019 Jul 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Marshall Jefferson's label release a high-VFM package that'll delight hard-working DJ types

As the Ibiza season gets properly underway, this cornucopia of quality cuts is going to stand a lot of DJs in good stead: it's jam-packed with no fewer than 23 tasty, ass-wiggling wonders that will fill many a dancefloor over the coming summer months. The A&R guys at Freakin’ 909 have really gone all out here!

The opener, Engelhart & Modést’s Flu, is as infectious as its name suggests, with tribal rhythms and messed-up vocal samples that take hold of you from the first few bars. Ashley Benjamin’s Don't Stop (up next) is a piano houser with a falsetto male vocals and high string lines that'll rock your socks off, and from there on out the album is just floor-filler after floor-filler. You have a lot of vocal tracks that aren't full vocal housers but more the cut 'n' paste variety, which is fine by me, and every now and then you find gems like Sam Skillz’s Take Me Away, a simple but highly effective house weapon that's all about the jungle rhythm with bongos, congas and scratch samples. Another track that particularly caught my attention was Gofa’s Acid Dropper, which starts as a standard house track, then brings in 303’s and messed-up vocal cuts from a multitude of sources (wailing divas, film samplesm recorded speeches). You just know it's going to work the floor to the maximum.

So, if you're in a hurry to fill your USB stick with quality summer jams, here's a good place to head: it offers an abundance of simple but effective nuggets of no-nonsense house goodness to choose from.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 5 July


Review Score: 9




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