2017 May 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Features cuts from Carola Pisatura, The Hush, luiy.B, The Museri, Federico Grazini and more

Claque Musique’s latest release is of a collaborative nature, and displays why Carola Pisaturo’s imprint is so widely renowned among clued-up house and techno lovers. It features eight tracks that are available on vinyl as well as digital at a later date.

First up is BB by Oscar, a bass-laden houser with futuristic sounds, soothing pads and a solid house groove that is easy on the ear. This is followed by luiy.B’s Alien Acid, which morphs from a 303 riff into a classy, rhythm-driven jam that is sure to move many a dancefloor. Next comes label boss Carola Pisatura’s Ganzirri, a dubby house cut with a grooving bass sound, tight percussion and a spoken vocal line which is followed in turn by The Hush’s Twins, a more fluid affair with deep glossy textures and a punchy kickdrum.

Opening the second vinyl is Brown Cat by The Museri, a tech-houser with a swung drum pattern and deep bass synth tones which is followed by Federico Grazini’s Owl, which slows the tempo and brings in mystical synths and an eerie topline. Calma’s Cenere speeds things back up with rolling snares, swooping synths and squelchy pads, and then finally we have Analog Inside’s Deep Time 808, which has a distinctly retro feel with developing analogue synth riffs and crisp, old-school percussion sounds.

Put together, this release neatly showcases the label's diversity and and the dexterity of the producers involved. I don’t have a particular favourite but will certainly be playing the more uptempo cuts over the next few months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now (vinyl) / mid-May (digital)


Review Score: 7




Tags: Claque Musique, Carola Pisatura, The Hush, BB, luiy.B, The Museri, Federico Grazini, Calma, Analog Inside