2018 Dec 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Tuff by name, tuff by nature, the London duo come to Sonny Fodera's label

Sonny Fodera’s Solotoko label has been putting out some great tunes of late, and this release from UK duo Tuff London is no exception. Both tracks are dancefloor-ready and come laden with plenty of hooks to catch people's attention.

First up is Calling, which starts with crisp percussion and a long snare roll that leads you into a swung beat, with rhythmic sampled vocal loops joined by a gospel-like sample of a pastor calling his flock of ravers to the party. Then it's back into the rhythmic vocal loops as the track builds to a second breakdown with sampled brass instruments that are repeated over and over until some spoken, evangelist-style pastor samples come in right at the crescendo, which works really well. 

Calling is tough but has soul, a great mix that's utilised again in the second track, Talk To Me. This one starts with a kick and closed hi-hat, then brings in claps and other percussive elements which take you to a breakdown with a soulful female vocal and a swirling synth sound in the background - a real hands-in-the-air moment. The track then kicks back in in tough and driving fashion, up until the arrival of a second breakdown with added congas and looped one-beat vocal samples; then onwards it plays to the DJ-friendly outro.

If you like your music ‘tuff’ yet uplifting, these two tracks won't disappoint. They are ideal for DJs and ravers alike, and both work really well.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Tuff London, Solotoko, house