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Tricky announces album #14

'Fall To Pieces' will be out on 4 September

2020 Jun 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The first single from the album, 'Fall Please', has just been released

Bristolian trip-hop pioneer Tricky has announced the release of his 14th studio album. Entitled Fall To Pieces, the album will be out on False Idols on 4 September.

The release of the album follows the publication of Tricky's autobiography Hell Is Round The Corner. Recorded late last year in Tricky's studio in Berlin, the album is said to be "dark and dense" (so no surprises there, then!), although Tricky compares Fall Please to go-go – a bass-heavy form of electro/hip-hop that emerged in Washington DC in the early 80s, and that in many ways presaged later genres such as Miami bass, juke, footwork, ghetto-tech and Baltimore club – and says it's "the closest I've got to making pop".

Like much of the rest of the album, Fall Please features vocalist Marta Zakowska, who Tricky first discovered as a last-minute stand-in singer on a European tour.

The full tracklist for the album is as follows:

Thinking Of
Close Now
Running Off 
I'm In The Doorway
Hate This Pain
Chills Me To The Bone
Fall Please
Take Me Shopping
Like A Stone
Throws Me Around






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