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Trevor Jackson is launching two new labels

The former Output boss announces Pre- and Post-

2017 Oct 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Pre- will only be around for year, with Post- to follow in its footsteps

UK veteran Trevor Jackson - known for his work as Playgroup, as well as being label boss of Output Recordings, which closed its doors after a decade-long run last year - has announced the launch of not one but two new labels, calle Pre- and Post-.

They're not actually launching at the same time, though. Pre-, whose first release is out on 17 November, will have a set lifespan of just one year, while Post- will only kick into action once Pre- has come to the end of its life. That's because Pre- is to be a home for music that Jackson has recorded but never released over the past 20 years, while Post- is where he'll showcase new material. 

This unusual process is a cathartic thing, according to Jackson, who despite recording constantly and running Output has actually released very little of his own work since his 2001 debut as Playground.

"I strive to be forward-thinking and progressive with my musical selections in my DJ sets and NTS radio show," he says, "and long to be at a stage in my career where any own musical output is coherent with my current musical tastes. That’s very difficult to achieve with decades of unreleased music still a major part of my life. Part of me regrets not releasing these recordings much sooner, but for a long while I’d lost confidence and perspective in what I’d been doing. Finally releasing all this music is a huge weight off my shoulders: I’m enthralled at the thought of being able to make brand new music again without any expectations or restrictions.”

The first four Pre- releases, all Jackson productions, will be: Pinklunch's eponymous Pinklunch, an album of "twisted techno, militant EBM and perverted electro" (17 Nov); Dark They Were And Golden-Eyed's Design Your Dreams, an album's worth of "subterranean synth jams, distorted drones and cosmic soundscapes" (24 Nov); FROM's Y.O.U, a downtempo/ambient/trip-hop album recorded during Jackson's mid-90s The Underdog phase (8 Dec); and Black Static, an EP of unreleased material from his "experimental no-wave" project Skull, under which guise he's previously featured on Mo'Wax (15 Dec).





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