2019 May 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Hyper Reality's new wider-ranging sub-label serve up a two-tracker from Ukrainian mystery man Trance Atlantic

Ukrainian producer Trance Atlantic makes his Altered Reality Records debut with the two-track Tech No More EP. With plenty of groove complemented by loads of acid and euphoric synths, this EP manages to capture that classic old school trance feeling while keeping the production values current.

First up is the title track, which starts with an acid line, sound stabs and a kick, then adds the hi-hat pattern. After a whoosh the bassline comes in, then the main riff and eventually more synths that take you to a breakdown that's emotionally charged and has that old school ‘hands in the air’ feeling. There are loads of other incidental sounds to heighten the euphoria, and an acid line plays on and heads into distortion territory, which adds another element to proceedings.

The second track is called Annihilation, but despite the title is actually quite light and very uplifting! An acid line at the start gives way to a massive breakdown with big synths and pads which, again, will have the right audience reaching for the lasers. The acid comes back in and chugs along nicely, always sounding controlled and fitting the track perfectly until it disappears just before the final crescendo.

Both tracks will work a harder dancefloor to a tee but my favorite track is Annihilation: the acid line really talks to you and never becomes overbearing.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 17 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: Trance Atlantic, Altered Reality, Hyper Reality, trance