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Tracktion Waveform is now free

Affordable DAW now very affordable indeed!

2020 Mar 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The announcement from Tracktion follows other tech companies' lead during the coronavirus crisis

Some good news for wannabe music-makers who are currently sat at home twiddling their thumbs… Tracktion has announced that its affordable, entry-level DAW Waveform is now free!

Well, kinda. The existing Waveform is now called Waveform Pro, and will still retail for $119, $259 or $649, depending on whether you plump for the Basic, Standard or Extreme edition. But most of its key features have been ported over into a new piece of software called Waveform Free.

Like its older sibling, Waveform Free is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and the new software includes many of Tracktion's most recent additions to the DAW, including the MIDI Pattern Generator, 40SC virtual synth and Micro Drum Sampler. The freebie version also includes access to dozens of tutorial videos, as well as templates for a variety of use cases, from "EDM production" to "location recording for churches".

To get your copy of the free software, click here.

Tracktion's announcement references the current worldwide lockdown, but it's not clear whether the free software is being launched as a direct response to coronavirus or was going to happen anyway. Several other tech companies and software houses have, however, made previously paid-for software available for free in light of the current situation.

These include:

• Korg, whose iKaossilator app is now free for iOS users

• Moog, whose Model D app is also now free on iOS

• Native Instruments, whose Analog Dreams instrument for Kontakt, packing 3.4GB of retro syth sounds, is available for free download until Tuesday 31 March

• LA-based Principle Pleasure Studios, who've made 1GB of sounds from the Yamaha DX-7, Roland TB-303, TR-808 and TR-9090, Nord Polychord, Juno-8 and other classic hardware available for free download.

• Apple, whose Logic Pro is available free to US users for 90 days.

To get any of above, click the link or in the case of the Apple software and iOS apps, hit up the relevant app store.







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