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Tracktion announces Waveform 9

Latest version of the DAW is available now, starting at $59

2018 Mar 08     
2 Bit Thugs

New features include a Multi Sampler instrument and an expanded library of drum sounds

Seattle-based music software company Tracktion has announced Waveform 9, the latest version of its flagship DAW software.

The new version features an expanded library of drum sounds, a new Multi Sampler instrument and a multi-screen Modular Mixing tool. Other enhancements include a 'global chord track' function in the MIDI pattern generator, a faceplate design function for customising plug-ins, and various workflow improvements.

Tracktion founder James ’Woody’ Woodburn: "Our team knows successful artists spend a lot of time creating libraries of sounds to use in their songwriting. We have spent time refining Waveform’s ability to discover, manipulate, store and retrieve user content in the Multi Sampler. This combined with the universal ability to save presets (tracks, edits, plug-ins, racks etc) with audible loop previews means users can quickly generate content, store it, locate it, and expand to original format faster than ever before."

Tracktion Waveform 9 is available now, with prices ranging from $59 (£43 approx) for a basic upgrade from a previous version of Waveform, to $259 (£188 approx) if you're buying the Ultimate Pack (which includes more loops, the DAW Essentials plug-in collection and the BioTek soft synth) from scratch. For full details or to place an order, see Tracktion's own website.





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