2018 Jul 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Manc label Ad Hoc Records present their fourth release

A pleasingly varied EP here from Mancunian producer Tommy Tickle, coming on fledgling local label Ad Hoc Records. If you want a genre tag to hang on the EP overall then 'deep house' is probably the one to go for, but to categorise it simply as such would be to do Tickle's eclectic approach a disservice.

Just take opener Eternal City, for example. Here, he somehow manages to fuse deep house, ambient and UK garage (!) tropes into one fragile and haunting whole, atop which play both soulful male vocal wails and that very familiar spoken sample from the guy who does unspeakable things to his MPC all night long - though to Tickle's credit, he leaves the famous bit of the sample to the very end of the track. God Chords starts out in similarly delicate territory but beefs up the beats a little as it progresses, with ethereal synth notes by way of a topline.

There's then a change of pace when we come to the more uptempo Goldrush, a disco-leaning cut that bites a chunk of the vocal and brass from Monyaka's 1983 club smash Go Deh Yaka. In The House is a more trad-style jazzy deep houser with a female "I miss your love" vocal loop, and finally The Ceiling plays us out in a contemplative, 6am-and-melting-into-the-sofa kinda way.

If you like your deep house on the more cerebral side, this EP is well worth investigating.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 3 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Tommy Tickle, Ad Hoc Records