2018 Sep 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Italian producer Marco Pettenon serves up two originals, Will Monotone remixes

This EP follows the inclusion of Titan Road’s track Just Once on My Favourite Freak’s V/A release Concept 6. There are two originals, plus a tasty remix of the title track by Will Monotone.

First up is the original of Tweak, which starts with a swung drum pattern and the vocal loop. That percussive intro gives way to a galloping bassline, with the vocal cut-up and reintegrated into the track to good effect. As per the Tech House Rulebook 2018, there are quirky drum hits in odd places and plenty of risers and snare rolls to add definition, which work well with the hip-house vocal. Next up we have No Matter, which starts with a rougher, choppier swung drum pattern that sounds great with the odd vocal snips. A driving, distorted bassline gives it a pleasingly solid feel, and turns this track into a real contender. Then finally there's the Will Monotone Beat-Driven Acid Tweak remix of Tweak, which starts with a long breakbeat intro with odd sound FX, then adds a chunky acidic bassline, synth stabs and eventually a snippet of the vocal line, which has been looped up and sounds great. There's a breakdown later on with loads more acid action. 

For me, Will Monotone's remix of Tweak outshines the Original, but No Matter is the real standout.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Titan Road, Marco Pettenon, Will Monotone, My Favourite Freaks