2017 Jul 13     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP comes with remixes from Emanate and Lily Ackerman

An interesting and diverse techno release on Mioli Music here, with four tracks and two remixes to get your ears and dancing shoes stuck into.

First up is Interspace Textures, which starts with a dry, thudding kickdrum and samples of chattering people, which builds with other ambient samples of various percussive sounds and what sounds like a sample of a busy restaurant kitchen, with scraping, crashing sounds shoe-horned into a structure of rhythmic sounds that include an arpeggiated synth chord, vocal wails and piano sounds. It sounds kinda crazy when you explain it, but it sounds a lot better on the ear!

Next up is Chip Chop, which takes the same approach and builds a lovely soundscape with noises that shouldn't fit together but do, like a charm. I think there's a xylophone in there and various female vocal samples, and the whole track is thoroughly infectious and really gets you grooving. Then we have the original mix of Percy, which is more relaxed with a breakbeat and piano, and that's followed by the uptempo The End, which is driven by a chunky electro bassline and has the same cornucopia of odd samples and sounds that grow with intensity as the track progresses.

The remixes are an Emanate remix of Chip Chop and a Lily Ackerman take on Percy. Both are sublime, with the remixed Percy bringing warmth and emotion to the forefront, strings and piano making up the main instrumentation.

This is a very varied release and in fact plays through more like a mini-LP, moving you in many ways. Lily Ackerman’s rub of Percy is like the rich, smooth, buttery icing on a layer cake of diversity, groove and wonder.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 July



Review Score: 9




Tags: Tigerskin, Mioli Music, Lily Ackerman, Emanate