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Tiga and Martinez Brothers team up

Collaborative 'Part I EP' will be out on 16 November

2018 Nov 01     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP's release will trail Tiga's 'Turbo 20' North American tour

Tiga and The Martinez Brothers have got together in the studio to produce the Part I EP, which will be out (credited to Tiga & The Martinez Brothers) on Tiga's Turbo Recordings label on 16 November.

Originally, we're told, the three went into the studio with a view to Tiga simply producing the next Martinez Brothers record. But the sessions soon evolved into a full-on collaborative project in which, says Tiga, "Chris and Steve brought a deep knowledge of house music and DJ energy-flow, while I left my deep hatred of live studio jam sessions at the door." He describes the results as "tougher, funkier and weirder than 99.3% of contemporary dance music".

The EP's lead track Blessed has already been released, and can be heard here. A Part II EP, featuring more tracks culled from the same sessions, will be released on the Brothers' own Cuttin' Headz label (credited to The Martinez Brothers & Tiga) further down the line.

Tiga also recently announced a seven-date Turbo 20 tour of North America, to mark Turbo Recordings' 20th birthday. The dates for that are as follows:

10 Nov: EDC, Orlando, FL, USA
16 Nov: Kin Kin Club, Guadalajara, Mexico
17 Nov: Soul Tech, Mexico City, Mexico
23 Nov: Turbo 20, Kings Hall @ Avant Gardener, NY USA
30 Nov: Turbo 20, District, Atlanta, GA, USA
1 Dec: Hardpop, Juarez, Mexico
7 Dec: Turbo 20, Spin, San Diego, CA, USA
8 Dec: Turbo 20, Exchange, Los Angeles, CA
21 Dec: Turbo 20 Stereobar, Montreal, Canada

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